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Meet Our Manufacturers


'Partnership Defined' - Partnership is a voluntary collaborative agreement between two or more parties in which all participants agree to work together to achieve a common purpose or undertake a specific task and to share risks, responsibilities, resources, competencies and benefits.

We do more than Package Terminal Air Conditioners.  From enery recovery sytems to dehumidification we will work to meet your needs.

The AC Quest Partner Network has been setup with one thing in mind, OPTIONS! We’ve put together a team of manufactures (Partner Network) that gives you the options to fill any of your HVAC needs. We understand that in today’s world each job is different; each job has its own individual requirements. AC Quest is situated in the market in a way that lends itself to providing quality options for any job. Sometimes working with one manufacture isn’t enough to get the job done; if that’s the case we are well equipped to handle packaging units and or manufactures together.

Checkout our quick list of manufacturers that AC Quest represents.

  • Aermec
    Air-to-water heat pumps and chillers, Energy Recovery Chillers Fan coil units, slim design. Perfect for low sound applications. [Learn More]
  • Commercial Aire
    Packaged Chillers, Wall, Ceiling or Floor Mount AHUs. Chilled Water or DX Fan Coil Units. [Learn More]
  • DRI
    Desiccant and Enthalpy Rotors, Replacement and New Construction, Aluminum Substrate with 3 Angstrom Molecular Sieve Desiccant AHRI 1060 Certified Performance. [Learn More]
  • Hydron Module
    Heating and cooling solutions for industrial, institutional and commercial settings need to be reliable, efficient and affordable. Hydron Module geothermal has a complete line of commercial heat pumps that meet those needs. [Learn More]
  • LG
    PTAC Units, Ductless Split Systems-Art Cool, Floor Standing SystemsCeiling Cassette Units and Wall Mounted Units. [Learn More] 
  • Mee Fog
    Energy Efficient High Pressure Fog HumidificationStand-Alone, Humidification Duct Chamber or packaged in AHU. Data Center Adiabatic Evaporative Cooling [Learn More]
  • Miller-Leaman
    Liquid Filtration, Turbo Disc, Thompson Filter 
  • NuClimate
    Chilled Beam Induction Units. [Learn More]
  • Polaris
    Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers, Industrial Commercial. [Learn More]
  • Reymsa
    Fiberglass Cooling Towers, CTI Certified, Direct Drive, Induced Draft Counter Flow Design. [Learn More]
  • Skil-Aire
    [Learn More]
  • SolutionAir
    100% Make-up Air Dehumidification Units and Heat Pumps. Custom and Semi-custom Cabinets using Welded Marine Grade Aluminum ConstructionAvailable in low dew point designs without the use of Desiccant Wheels. [Learn More]
  • ThermoPlus Air
    [Learn More] 
  • USA Coil & Air
    Replacement Coils, Fan Coils, Condenser Tube Bundles, Computer Grade Ceiling Hung Spot Coolers. [Learn More]
  • Verdant
    Energy management system for the hospitality industry allows significantly reducing guest room heating and air-conditioning costs. [Learn More]
  • Xetex 
    Heat Recovery Units Using Flat Plate Heat Exchangers and Enthalpy Wheels. AIRotor Total Energy Recovery Wheel employs a permanently bonded 'Micro-Sieve' desiccant surfaceIndependent Performance Certification. [Learn More]