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Professional Grade DEHUMIDIFICATION Built To Your Requirements

SolutionAir prides itself on taking todays technology and applying in ways that advance the HAVC industry. By doing this SolutionAir has opened new doors to applications that are able to take full advantage of the technical advances. Being able to meet any dew point without the need of a wheel and its inherent elevated energy and maintenance costs is something that everyone can use. Building a cabinet that is welded not riveted and made of Marine grade aluminum not galvanized means the it can handle the environments inside and outside the unit as designed over a longer period of time. That type of thinking will pay for itself in no time. Check out the different market segments that we feel our systems can offer improved performance over the competition. 

Ask the competition if they will do this:

Every SolutionAir unit ships with a GUARANTEE of capacity and performance.  This NO RISK guarantee insures that the conditioned air leaving the SolutionAir unit will be as we stated it would be, regardless of the season or of the outdoor air conditions. Each SolutionAir unit is specifically designed for your specific geographic area.  DESIGN with CONFIDENCE 

To learn more about the SolutionAir guarantee click here

To learn more about SolutionAir click here