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Polaris Precision-Engineered HVAC Heat Exchangers

Nowhere is technological leadership from Polaris better expressed than in the heating/ventilating/air conditioning (HVAC) field. With engineering and manufacturing backed up by unsurpassed field experience, Polaris units in HVAC heat exchanger applications meet your most demanding requirements. 

Free Cooling (Chiller Bypass)
free coolingBuilding management often requires year-round cooling to handle heat from computers, lights and other building sources. Polaris Plate Heat Exchangers take advantage of the free cooling or chiller bypass concept to reduce hours of mechanical chiller operation. With ambient temperatures at or below 50F, tower flow can be diverted to the Polaris heat exchanger and the chiller turned off, achieving substantial operating savings.

In typical free cooling installations, retrofit is easy. Systems require no extra ductwork as is needed with air-side economizers and the payback period is less than two years. Chiller bypass extends chiller life, and Polaris PHEs’ close approach temperatures allow more operating hours than are possible with other types. 

Plate & Frame Heat Exchangers

Plate Heat ExchangerConstruction
Careful attention to materials and craftsmanship means quality in every Polaris heat exchanger. Superb plate heat exchanger manufacture provides efficiency, low maintenance and long life from your Polaris unit.

Design Exclusives
In any application, the Polaris provides the most economical, efficient plate heat exchanger design. You'll find exactly the plate configuration you need. Correct plate geometry, patterns, and connections enable us to customize ideal designs for HVAC, chemical processing, food processing, oil & gas refining, and many other uses. Multiple plate sizes are available for each connection size. Plate patterns are correctly suited to custom applications.

When you choose Polaris Plate Heat Exchangers, you get a spectrum of important installation, maintenance and operating advantages. The payoff: economical, trouble-free operation through the long service life of the unit.