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Induction & Chilled Beams 
Chilled BeamAn Induction or Chilled Beam takes a source of primary air at an inlet static pressure ranging from 0.2" to 0.8” of WC. It distributes this air through a bank of specially designed aerodynamic nozzles and discharges the air at a high velocity 

into a mixing chamber. This creates a differential pressure which enables a draw of room air across a coil. This imparts either cooling or heating to the induced air as it passes over the coil. The primary air and induced air are mixed and discharged through a grille in a coanda effect air distribution at the ceiling. This air circulates throughout the room and is gently drawn back up through the return section of the Induction or Chilled Beam grille.  The total room air circulation is created solely by the induction principle within the terminal.  This eliminates the need for an electric motor and its power source.  As a result, the Induction or Chilled Beam is a very quiet and efficient way to provide comfort in a space.

Induction Beams Are Sensible & Latent Terminal Units

Induction BeamUnlike a conventional Chilled Beam, Induction Beams have drain pans as a standard.  Induction Beams are most often referred to as a fan coil unit without the fan or motor.  The drain pan adds a number of advantages that include; reduced system first cost, less mechanical equipment, simplified controls, increased design flexibility, and greater liability control.  Induction Beams provide a lower first cost option when compared to a traditional sensible only chilled beam system.  Induction Beams can use much colder water temperatures thus providing much higher BTU/CFM ratio’s.  This usually equates to fewer beams being required to meet the room loads.  Less beams can also mean less primary air is required.  Induction Beams enhance the savings and effectiveness of primary air systems. When using Induction Beams, the primary air system, which includes the air handler and the supply and exhaust ductwork, can be sized to handle only the required ventilation air. This reduces the size of the equipment and ductwork making it easier to fit into a building space. This also reduces the energy required to supply the ventilation to the building.  Induction beams do not require the elaborate controls associated with sensible only Chilled Beam systems to control condensation before it occurs.  Also, Induction Beams do not require an additional piping loop with heat exchangers, mixing valves, booster pumps or condensate sensors to maintain the water temperature above the dew point, which is required in traditional sensible only Chilled Beam systems.

NuClimate Pool Dehumidificaton Systems

NuClimate's Pool Dehumidification System's innovative design allows customers to enjoy simplicity over complexity, without losing functionality.  

NuClimate's Pool Dehumidification System is simple, cost effective, and durable, which makes it easy for you to use and maintain.  NuClimate's Pool Dehumidification System is designed to provide the better indoor air quality for bathers and pool employees while using less energy.  It controls the indoor environment in order to control harmful humidity.  The increase in air exchange reduces the concentration of airborn chemicals which keeps bathers and employees healthier and helps to reduce corrosion.

NuClimate's Pool Dehumidification System is the highest in quality and efficiency.  It is built to handle the corrosive heavy duty application that an indoor pool presents.


- Lowest Maintenance Cost
- Continuous Fresh Air 24/7
- Premium Indoor Air Quality
- Vertical Heat Pipe 
- Energy Recovery with No Moving Parts
- Corrosion Protected Air Exchange Module
- Best in Energy Efficiency
- Long Life Expectancy
- Aluminum Double Wall Construction
- Thermal Break Cabinet Design
- 2" Thick Foam Core Insulation (R14)
- UL508A Control Panel & DDC Controls
- Direct Drive, Aluminum Airfoil Fan Design 
- 100% Purge Capacity for Pool Shocking 
- Indoor/Outdoor Construction
- Comfort Control
- Healthy and Comfortable Environment
- Less Weight for Rooftop Construction
- Pool Design Software Available

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