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Mee Fog


For over 40 years Mee Industries has led the world with innovative water fog technology. MeeFog™ systems are used to humidify and cool many industrial, commercial and agricultural processes and to create interesting and dynamic special effects. Today there are over ten thousand MeeFog™ systems in use around the world.

MeeFog™ Evaporative Cooling: Cost-Effective, Efficient, and Controllable.

MeeFog™ systems only use approximately one horsepower for every 600 lbs. of water/hour evaporated. The evaporation of one lb. of water at room temperature removes 1100 BTU’s of heat. Therefore, a one horsepower MeeFog™ system can remove nearly 660,000 BTU/hour of heat—more than 55 tons of cooling. A MeeFog™ system using a single 10 horsepower motor could potentially replace a 500-ton chiller. Mee Industries is the leader in applying this technology to increase gas turbine power output. MeeFog air-side free cooling is saving electricity in power hungry data centers. And fog is also used to pre-cool air for conditioning condenser coils, energy transfer coils, and air-to-fluid heat exchangers for industrial processes.    


Changing the Way You Think About Humidification

In a world increasingly dependent on innovative humidification technology, Mee Industries helps its customers meet tougher indoor air quality (IAQ) standards more cost-effectively than other humidification methods on the market today. We empower our customers with feature rich high-pressure humidification (adiabatic / evaporative cooling fog system) solutions that dramatically save energy and cut costs while meeting today’s more stringent indoor air quality requirements. Mee Industries has designed and installed thousands of humidification systems over the last 40 years for a wide variety of humidifiers for commercial and industrial applications.    


Think Less, Dream More… MeeFog™

We are certain that our fog system solutions will far exceed your expectations. MeeFog systems offer artists and designers innovative and robust aesthetic possibilities to create living pure water fog effects with an entirely assorted design palette.

Fog can be used as a medium to modify the visual and tactile aspects of the ambient environment. MeeFog adds dimension and impact to a design and it can be used to highlight other design elements. Nature is full of examples of sensational fog and cloud effects. For instance: light and wispy strands of morning mist on a calm lake, swirls and eddies of mystical low-lying ground fog, huge cumulus clouds building and rolling over a darkened prairie, thin fleecy streaks of high altitude cirrus clouds glowing pink in the afternoon sun, and thick and mysterious clumps of dense fog clinging to a rocky coast. All of these moods and so much more can be created with MeeFog.


When Clean Matters

Water purified with Reverse Osmosis (RO) is recommended for many MeeFog systems requiring air with low particulate concentrations. Removing minerals and dissolved solids from supply water will achieve the highest purity of water and reduce routine maintenance.

Clean and Simple: Benefits of Using MeeFog™ Water Treatment

Mee Industries provides the ultimate in project execution. From design to supply, installation and after sales service there is a single supplier—a single point of contact.

    • Ultrapure water with reduced chemical usage and reduced maintenance hazards.  No acid/caustic ion-exchange.
    • All controls integrated for set-and-forget ease of use
    • Optimized design ensures right sizing of tanks and treated water supply
    • Factory tested in actual configuration to ensure full functionality and optimum performance
    • Integrated RO/EDI skid designs
    • PLC communicates with fog system to ensure adequate water supply at all times
    • Advance alert on potential water shortages
    • No chemical regeneration required
Mee Fog product Mee Fog 002 Mee Fog Skid