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 DRI Inc. (Desiccant Rotors International, Inc.), markets and sells Energy Recovery Wheels & Desiccant Dehumidification rotors and cassettes in North America. Its parent factory is one the world's largest manufacturer of AHRI certified energy recovery wheels. The current installation base of DRI energy wheels in North America runs in thousands. DRI has a fully integrated rotor manufacturing facility with an in-house capability of coating, synthesizing, winding, metal working and surface finishing and a world class test facility for performance evaluation of Enthalpy Wheels. 

DRI Inc. is a part of the DRI (Desiccant Rotors International) worldwide group which has its sales network in Brazil, China, Malaysia, Europe, South Africa, Philippines, Australia, Korea and India.  DRI Inc. offers timely and fast technical, commercial and logistics support to its US & Canadian customers. DRI  has over twenty years of experience in manufacturing, application and sales of these products.  Keeping with its philosophy of never being too far from its customers and to support them better, DRI-Inc. is aggressively expanding its representative network across North America.  The DRI-Inc. operation is actively supported from DRI Head Quarters and is engaged actively in addressing the needs of the market for high quality certified products, fast delivery requirements and technical hand holding.

All Wheels Recover Energy

EcoFresh with 3Å Molecular Sieve Coated Wheels does it better!!!

EcoFresh Energy Wheels MS 270 uses the custom made metallic honey comb matrix coated with 3Å Molecular Sieve Desiccant (EcoSorb 300). Incorporating this into the air-conditioning system means more outdoor air at lower energy cost (reduced chiller and boiler/exhaust load).

The EcoFresh Energy Recovery Wheel, recovers total energy (sensible as well as latent) to meet all the requirements of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), humidity control and energy savings. It offers Industry\'s highest recovery / performance.

The EcoFresh Advantage . . . .

  • High Selectivity.....almost no cross contamination
  • Structural rigidity
  • Innovative manufacturing design
  • Industry\'s highest recovery/performance

EcoFresh Certification

  • EcoFresh energy wheels 200 mm (MS 270) deep are AHRI certified
  • Certified for Zero Microbial Growth
  • Certified for Zero Flame Spread

EcoFresh Wheels have played a major role in many projects for achieving sustainable Green Building status with LEED and other energy certifications.

DRI's EcoDry Rotors and Cassettes are the result of many man- years of in-depth study and research work on countless permutations and combinations of substrates, desiccants and chemical processes. Every aspect of rotor dynamics, behavior, characteristics and physical parameters has been considered to maximize performance, durability and applicability.

Kindly contact us for development of special rotors and cassettes for your Energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) and Air Handling Units (AHUs)